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Within cPanel, there are numerous statistics listed on the right of the screen.

  • Primary Domain - The primary domain name associated with your cPanel account.
  • Home Directory - The physical location of your files on the server.
  • Disk Usage - How much data is being stored on the server.
  • Bandwidth - How much data has been transferred on your account
  • Email Accounts - The number of email accounts allowed.
  • Subdomains - The number of subdomains (sub1.yourdomain.com) allowed.
  • Alias Domains - The number of allowed parked domains.
  • Addon Domains - The number of allowed addon domains.
  • FTP Accounts - The number of allowed FTP Accounts.
  • MySQL Databases - The number of allowed MySQL databases.
  • MySQL Disk Usage - Amount of space being used by your MySQL databases.
  • Theme - Current theme for your cPanel configuration.
  • Dedicated IP Address - If assigned, the dedicated IP for your account.
And lots more under the "Server Information" link too!

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